Netball Reports

Team 4 Report - Ngatapa 4 v Matawai 13th July 2013

Ngatapa 22 Matawai 20. After 3 weeks of being short of players through work and injury we finally had an almost settled team today and what a difference it made. We were delighted to see our rock at GS, Jess, back to play. with her trademark grin and unflappable presence at the back all the team had to do was get the ball to her to score. She was a worthy player of the day. She was ably backed up by Katie at GA who played her usual high intensity game, linking with the defence to bring the ball through court and then feeding the it into Jess. Esther came on at half time at WA, once again showing her steadying influence, improving her game every week. Aria,C, and Tiana , WA , in the first half also worked hard to keep possession to feed into the goal. At WD, Chelsea had another fine game, getting may tips and intercepts and driving through court to link with the attacks. Jalia, GD and Erin, GK worked hard on defence pressuring the Matawai shooters, making it difficult for their feeders to get the ball into them. A great team effort showing a lot more control. Once they gained the lead in the first half they maintained it for the whole game. At our last encounter with Matawai who are 1st equal in the competition we were behind for the whole game and lost by 9 so this was a very satisfying result.

Team 4 Report - Ngatapa 4 v Konstruct HSOG 15th June 2013

Ngatapa 4 netball team played Konstruct HSOG and narrowly lost 18-19 securing a bonus point.

It was a gutsy performance from the team as 4 players were in unfamiliar positions and we had no subs. Aria battled hard at Centre in the first half still suffering from the flu and was solid at Wing Attack in the second half.  Bridget normally plays WA but started at Wing Defence in the first half and then went to C for the second half. What a find! We now have a strong back up Centre. Esther played WA in the first half and then went into the unfamiliar WD position after half time, backing up play well, keeping the opposition WA very busy. Chelsea, normally Wing Defence played Goal Defence, gained a lot of tips, was quick to the loose ball and had a great game. Erin also used to WD went in to Goal Keep and as the game progressed and her confidence grew her tips became intercepts gaining valuable ball for the team. She and Chelsea worked extremely well together. Jess gave her usual strong performance at Goal Shoot, pulling in some difficult passes and putting up some great shots. She was well supported by Katie at Goal Attack who worked tirelessly taking many centre passes, always available on defence and attack and quick to the loose ball.

 All players deserve praise for their efforts so it is Team of the Day this week.

Team 4 Report - Ngatapa 4 v NP 50/50 25th May 2013

First win for the team 28-26.  After a rocky start, down 3-10 midway through the first quarter, the team steadied to come back to 7-11. Chelsea Bloom at Wing Defence played an inspired game taking many tips and interceptions. Her strong defensive work, backed up by Yvette Atkins and Jalia Thompson forced NP 50/50 into mistakes. Except for some 'head rush' moments from the team, these turnovers were mostly converted to points by great shooting from Jess Wanoa, Tiana Apelou and Zoe Thompson. 

Esther Taylor at Wing Attack turned in another rock solid game, linking well through court, always available for a pass in pressure situations. Katie McDonald showed her versatility playing Goal Attack and then Goal Keep using her height to good advantage. Aria Ingram ran herself into the ground at Centre, playing her first full game there, turning in a gutsy performance, backed up by Bridgit Hagar WA in the first quarter. Erin McKenzie came on for the last quarter at WD and continues to impress in this her first year playing netball, using her height and reach to great advantage.

The team kept pressure on the opposition for the whole game winning the last three quarters.. They toughed out a hard fought game and were deservedly delighted with their result.

Sadly we lose Zoe Thompson who is going on her big OE. Happy travelling, Zoe. Thanks Coach Lorraine

Netball 4 Report - Ngatapa v OBM 18th May 2013

We played OBM Social 2 weeks ago and only lost by 5 goals so hopes were high that the team could win this one. First quarter was very messy, neither team playing to the wet conditions, we trailed 2-4. Ngatapa won the 2nd quarter 7-6 showing a lot more control and more confidence, 9-10 to OBM. In the 3rd quarter the more experienced OBM took control and made the most of loose passes to lead 10-17. Our team fought back very well in the last quarter with everyone working hard on defence forcing OBM into mistakes, winning the quarter 7-4. This was not enough to win the game but showed the potential this team has. Final score 17-21.

Aria Ingram had a great game at Centre, as did Tiana Apelu at Goal Shoot and Erin McKenzie at Wing Defence who, although never having played netball before, is using her height and reach very effectively. All players worked hard on court and as their confidence grows and team combinations continue to strengthen they will be rewarded with success.

08/04/13 - Firstly congratulations to our Prem team and Team 2 who both placed a respectable 4th in their grades for the Kathleen Henderson Tournament a few weeks ago. Netball grading starts this weekend so wishing all the girls good luck for the up and coming season. Reminder that Club Day on the 20th April so try and support Ngatapa teams in all different codes and then come and join the home games for rugby at Patutahi followed by a good catch up with some of Johnnies music at the clubhouse.

2012 Netball team one report.