Merial Paddy's Park

31 March 2014

Merial Paddy's Park

Merial have been long supporters of Ngatapa and have had the naming rights to the grounds.

David Lowe is the new Merial rep and there is no doubt that he will be around for a few home games this season as he is keen as to get  amongst the action- even though he is Hawke's Bay based!

Over the off season a few of the old timers (Tim Sherriff)  put their heads together and decided that we should name the park Paddy's Park.

The following is written by Tim Sherriff to explain, who Paddy is and why we the new name

The Ngatapa Rugby club has decided to refer to our rugby field at Patutahi as "Paddy's Park".

After consultation with several older members of our club it was felt it was important to preserve our history for future generations.

Paddy Wanklyn , a committee member from 1960, played a vital part in our club for 20 plus years.

He was Club captain and a coach but he was also the chief negotiator with the Domains Board in acquiring the land we now use for our home ground.

With his own bulldozer he spent countless hours levelling the land so it was suitable for playing rugby.

Admittedly he did not achieve this all on his own but he had that hardnosed, roll your sleeves up,  get stuck in, get the job done attitude that has made the club what it is today.

We have had so many with that same sense of purpose. Some have been honoured with life membership but it is felt that it is appropriate to use the name of the main person responsible when referring to our ground.   

Tim Sherriff