Harold's A.G.M Report 2013


President's REPORT 2013:

It is with great pleasure I present the 2013 President's report.

The 2013 season is one I will never forget personally, from the tragic low of losing Dad (JK), a life member of the club, to the high of winning the Rugby Premiership.

First and foremost I would like to thank my committee Cilla Allen, Jackie Hudson, Lou Livingston, Jill Tomlinson, Kay Twigley, Richard Briant, Kris Clapham, Steve Craill, Johnny Ingram, Dave Mullooly, Tony Rasmussen, Steve Thompson and Tim Sherriff for a fantastic effort this year, who all in their own way, eased the pressure off my role when Dad died and made the season what it was - a success.

That in a nut shell is what Ngatapa is all about and why we currently have a vibrant club spirit - because we have had in the past and still have people willing to give up their valuable time to support Ngatapa Rugby and Associated Sports Club.

A big thank you goes out to all coaches and team management of the nipper and senior teams. Their time given to the club is much appreciated and is yet another key component to a successful season.

Our Premier Netball team, coached by Kate Faulks, needs to be congratulated for holding their own in the very competitive premier Netball league. Congratulations to Team 2 Netball Fred Tate Wools who were runners-up in the reserve grade. Thank you to Cilla Allen who did a tremendous job of looking after Nippers Netball.

The club is indebted to retiring head coach of our Premier Rugby team Steve Ward. Steve filled the breach last season, toughed it out with a young side in 2012 and went on this year to be the best. Steve has been instrumental on the field and off with his knowledge of the game and its administration. Steve wasn't alone, Matt Doyle, Tim Sherriff, Dave MacDonald and John Larsen played a big part of their success and also need recognition.

A big part of our premier winning team has been the support of the Senior 1 side coached by Kev Jones and managed by Brett Law. These two guys have built a great culture to be proud of amongst a team that would near all fit into an Under 21 competition. They have brought through and developed many of the 2013 championship team and must be congratulated on another successful season.

PBRU ran an U20 and 16 competitions this year and it would be remiss of me not to mention Guy Allan's contribution to Napata's two teams in these competitions. This is a very important competition for the longevity of rugby in our club and Guy does an amazing job from spending hours phoning kids from all over Gisborne, finding boots and gear for them, to picking them up and dropping them off before and after games.

Ladies hockey hit new highs in 2013 with the elevation into the premier competition. New coach Tony Scragg and co-coach Greg Spooner must be congratulated for their efforts and creating a fantastic team spirit. I'm sure this team will grow and be more competitive once on the long awaited new turf for Poverty Bay Hockey is up and running.

Our men's soccer team, the 'Silkies' continue to win near every game and build numbers, their biggest challenge seems to be going up a grade or not! Whether the do or not, it is great to see a bunch of older guys and a few not so old, having a ball every Saturday.

Jackie Hudson who headed our Nippers Rugby must be congratulated for her superb organisation and enthusiasm in one of the toughest roles in the club. In only her first year, Jackie overcame every challenge and has some great ideas to put to use next season.

Fi Pardoe did a great job co-ordinating our Nippers Soccer once again, its fantastic to see a growing player base of 26 registered players this season. 

Our fields have been superbly kept by Fred Smith, many thanks to Fred for his continued dedication to this very important and time consuming role.

Sponsorship has been massive again in 2013, it costs near $100k to run the club and without sponsorship, big and small, we simply would not be able to run the club.

Stephen Thomson did a great effort in creating a team of "Friends of the Prems" sponsors.

Many thanks to all our sponsors, yet I would like to acknowledge our Gold sponsors in excess of $2,500.

Larsawn - John Larsen

Eastland Vets - Tina Orsler & John Meban

Merial Ancare - Phil Ware

Harvest Transport - Dave Wilson & Bridget Sherriff

Pioneer - Phil Evans

Steve Craill Builders

Foster & Tyler BP - Dave Mullooly

Silver Fern Farms


Lastly, a few people I would like to pay special mention to, that have helped make the season what it was.

Firstly Chris and Kaye Williams and their team of helpers. Chris and Kaye initiated Thursday night meals at the club - this was a sterling success for the culture of the club.

Kay Twigley tirelessly got involved with any tasks and did a superb job of after match meals for all home games.

Many thanks to Tony Rasmussen, Richard Briant, Kris Clapham who post Dad's death, picked up the president reins and did a fantastic job.

Dave Mullooly and Lou Livingston who implemented our new membership card system. This has been a financial success for the club. Also Dave's behind the scenes work with the bar - a huge job that he takes in his stride amidst his very busy business work load.

Steve Craill, who has put countess hours into the clubrooms and looked after all the maintenance and capital projects.

Johnny and Bridget Ingram, who continue to be amazing, the club is like their second home and we sincerely appreciate everything they do.

Finally our club secretary, Jill Tomlinson, this role goes under the radar. I believe this is the most important position in any club and Jill needs to be commended for yet another amazing effort and for the giving up of her valuable time for the club.

We have a special club that bonds people from all walks of life - that is the beauty of sport, everyone becomes one family.

Well done and many thanks to all our nipper and senior players of all codes and our passionate supporters, it's been a season to remember - lets exceed our expectations in 2014!

Thank you


Paul Kirkpatrick